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We maintain long-standing relationships with our German network partners, who we can call on as experts for a campaign at any time. Our partners contribute their expertise in the areas of media, health prevention, higher education and production in sparring with our strategy team but also in implementation. In this way, we can combine our extensive know-how in the areas of marketing, educational communication and young employer branding with the expertise of our partners and successfully implement campaigns.


We are a founding member of the expert network We are Family. We provide you with local support for international campaigns and, thanks to the expertise of our partners in family marketing, can respond to the country-specific characteristics of the target group.

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Full Moon Group

After 20 years as Full Moon Kids & Teens, we know how powerful our partner is. With a focus on Employer Branding, Digital & Communication, Live, Digital & Hybrid Events as well as People and Talents, the Full Moon Group is our trusted partner for almost all products that complement our portfolio. The specialist teams of the Full Moon Group are sparring partners, idea generators and innovators for us. One advantage of our long and ongoing partnership: Where additional competencies beyond our subject area are needed, we are able to talk quickly and without barriers with the colleagues at the desk next door and can thus implement enquiries in the area of children's, youth, family and educational communication quickly and precisely.

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Full Moon People

Full Moon People is our in-house partner for all personnel issues. With access to 14 personnel pools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we jointly implement event appearances, roadshows and POS campaigns efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. In the process, Full Moon People advises us on all questions of deployment planning and employment.

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Full Moon Activation

Brand communication at the POS is the special topic of Full Moon Activation. Our colleagues are specialists in the areas of transport, storage and logistics as well as retail design and production. With a wide range of suppliers in the area of production and implementation, we have been working hand in hand for 20 years.

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Full Moon Communi­cation

As a strategic consultant and creative conceptualiser, Full Moon Communication supports us on all topics of children's marketing, youth marketing, family marketing as well as educational communication. The team's strength lies in their graphic expertise and attention to detail. Added to this is our pool of perfectly coordinated service providers, with whom we can offer uncomplicated, cross-media support and consistent quality of results.

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Full Moon Digital

The young target group is growing up with the latest digital technologies. They already use laptops, smartphones or tablets at an early age and move confidently in the digital space. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for companies in the field of children's marketing, youth marketing or educational communication to invest the communication budget in digital channels. Our in-house digital agency of Full Moon Digital covers the entire spectrum of the digital world: whether it's developing corporate websites, staging your products online in a target group-oriented way or designing digital campaigns - our digital experts generate high reach and effective digital touchpoints for you.

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Klett Mint

As part of the Klett Group, the agency Klett MINT, which specialises in educational communication in schools and daycare centres, is very well networked in the educational landscape. Whenever it is important for our customers to communicate not only in a way that is close to the target group, but also in line with the curriculum - Klett MINT has been our trusted partner for many years. You receive exclusive conditions and, if you wish, centralised communication through us.

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Founded in 2005, Meisterleistung GmbH has its origins in the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Stuttgart. Tailor-made solutions in health management as well as setting- and target group-specific services for companies and institutions are core services of the supra-regionally active Stuttgart-based company. An interdisciplinary team of sports scientists, nutritionists, psychologists and medical doctors covers a broad spectrum of health expertise. With us, you have the opportunity to bring communication and health experts for the child, youth, family and education sectors to one table for your project.

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Engage Youth

Engage Youth Co. is a specialized youth marketing agency that artfully combines trend tracking, strategy, design, and influence to drive business growth. Through their unique co-creation approach, they help evolve an audience’s intelligence within your brand that guides everything from strategy to marketing activation. The social, experiential, and influencer marketing experience and successes that their staff has accrued over 20 years have been recognized by pioneering start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and leading industry organizations, including being named Top Youth Marketer by Inc Magazine.

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Kidvertising are specialists in communication aimed at families with children. For more than 15 years they’ve been forging strong relationships between brands and families with children in Scandinavia. They base everything they do children centric insights, engagement and experiences. They love working with the little consumers that have a huge influence on the family’s purchase of everything from food, toys and fashion to entertainment and vacations. They follow them 24/7 – at home, at day care, on shopping trips and on their favorite media, to ensure optimal insight and starting point for result oriented communications solutions.

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Kulta focuses on the design and creative implementation of communication projects distributed on different platforms and devices: web, mobile terminals, digital supports, offline media, especially directed to kids, families and school. The Kulta Team are formed of experienced professionals in marketing, communication, technology, new media, and design. They create solutions for businesses wishing to promote their company image, brand, products and services. They handle these creative, innovative projects with a passionate and original way of interpreting shared objectives. Kulta’s management has also founded the Scuola Channel: a multichannel platform that is aimed at families and teachers. Scuola works with brands, companies and institutes to communicate their values with this target market.

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LVTPR are obsessed with delivering campaigns that make people think, feel and act. They are a company that drives brand awareness and love. They are led by creativity and are strategically driven. Experienced in your business, the market you’re operating in and the audiences you’re trying to influence they are experts in creating creative campaigns with multiple touch points to tell your story in an authentic way, bringing your brand values and propositions to life. They are creative regarding social media channels, traditional media and experience techniques. Aimed at MEASURING outcomes, not just output.

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We are children, young people and family experts. We understand that each member of the family is at a different life stage, have different need states and we reflect this understanding in all of our work. We specialise in research & strategy, creative and marketing which ensures we can guide our clients through all stages of their journey.

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We Are Family is an international insights, creative and marketing agency group. We help our clients at all stages of their marketing journey, from initial product development and consumer research all the way to locally executing their marketing and retail campaigns

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