Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy
We understand your audience and define strategies most effective for the job

Our team are some of the most experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers in the children and family space. We have worked on global research projects for some of the biggest brands in media, entertainment, sport, technology, and publishing. Our team carry out primary and secondary research in order to define what strategies are going to be most effective at doing the job.

Qualitative Research

We know a lot already about your target market but we can always learn more and what better way than by actually talking to them. Whether it is one on one, parent / child duos, friendship triads, focus groups, school sessions, online communities or self moderated slumber parties we have an array of methodologies that enable us to understand why children, teens and families do the things they do. Qual research either ethnographic, online of in person allows us to uncover reasons behind thought, action and behaviour and helps ensure we contiue to be audience experts. Our team of qualitative researchers are all experts in uncovering the insights that sit behind every interview.

Quantitative Research

If you want to know how prevelant an opinion or behaviour is across your target audience you will need to turn to quant. We use a range of quantitative tools from a large scale web survey to a quick question omnibus. We work with the world's largest panel partners with the latest software to ensure a robust and representative audience analysis.

Data Analysis

We crunch data, sifting through huge arrays of data to find the insights that drive the thinking. This data can come from primary research, or from our clients existing data sets including google analytics, POS data, social data and anywhere else. We then create dashboards, helping tell the stories that are hidden deep inside the numbers.

Audience Segmentation

We understand that no audience can be seen as one homogenous group. We know the value of breaking down your target audience into sub groups so we can tailor messaging and develop deeper connections between brand and audience, and earn their loyalty. We can identify demographic sub groups or behavioural sub groups depending on which we feel to be most beneficial for your brand.

Marketing Strategy

We help our clients through every stage of their marketing strategy. We will get the right message to your audience in a way that generates the biggest impact. We have delivered public relations, influencer campaigns, media planning & buying, retail design & production, experiential, walking acts, partnerships, corporate communications, social media campaigns, digital marketing and much much more.

Commercial Strategy

From price point analysis to business modelling we have helped clients develop the right commercial strategy for the product, sector and target audience. The commercial strategies we have built have helped IP owners charge the right amount for their apps all the way to justifying an entire new business opportunity. Driven by the data we can make sure you mitigate the risks as much as possible when plotting your path forwards.

Fan Strategy

Understanding who your fanbase is and how to grow and nurture them is essential for both revenue generation as well as advocacy. Our Fandom model helps you see where your fanbase is strong, where it is weak and how you can strengthen and monetise it.

Young employer Branding

Employer branding is becoming increasingly important in human resources marketing. Due to the increasing shortage of skilled workers, companies have to distinguish themselves as attractive employers with graduates from schools, universities or career starters. You can strengthen your employer brand with suitable offers and an audience first approach. The needs of young talents have changed a lot in recent years: A healthy work-life balance, flexible working hours, remote working and new work concepts are important decision-making factors for young people when looking for the right company. Are you thinking about expanding and strengthening your employer brand? We are professionals in employer communication with teenagers and young adults. We support you in positioning yourself as an attractive employer through cross-media personnel marketing and in recruiting young people and young adults.

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