We are the experts for young audience and family marketing

We will get the right message to your audience in a way that generates the biggest impact. We have delivered public relations, influencer campaigns, media planning & buying, retail design & production, experiential, walking acts, partnerships, corporate communications, social media campaigns, digital marketing and much much more.

PR and publicity

We are Family provides our clients with industry leading PR and Publicity services that target children, young people and their families. From a press office that can handle all your press requests, to a proactive team who gain you the right coverage in the right publications. Both online and traditional, we have worked with huge household names to small start ups, ensuring all our clients get the coverage they deserve.

Social media

Teens and Parents spend a HUGE amount of time on social media and if you are planning on reaching them you have to have a coherent social media strategy. Whether it is TikTok video creation, Facebook page management or Twitter campaigns we know how to maximise your owned, earned and bought opportunities.

Events and experiences

Events and experiential are a great means to deepen your relationship with your audience. Nothing beats the experience of putting products in the hands of your audience and letting them really experience what your brand means. We have created exclusive cat walk shows for toy launches, to festival pop ups and trade exhibitions. Our team of logisticians can deliver an event anywhere in the world, from touring shows to semi permenant exhibits.

Media planning and buying

As a full 360 degree marketing agency group we understand how paid for media fits into any integrated campaign. From a small tactical 'boost' to help kick start an initiative to the back bone of the project that everything else relies on. Our media teams have bought everything from global social media campaigns to local TV. Using our research and strategy skills we ensure your campaigns are perfectly optimised to target your audience in the just the right place, at just the right time.


We are Family is built on the philosophy that "two heads are better than one". Finding a complimentary partner to help support your campaign can reap enormous benefits and enable you to say things in a way you couldn't do alone. As they say "alone you can move quickly but together you can go further".

Implemented projects
Implemented projects
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Implemented projects
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