EA Fifa 2021

Background - 

Electronic Arts, creator of the FIFA football video game, involved us in the launch of the new 2021 title. In addition to a strategy that would communicate the gameplay updates to the Gen Z public, the brief required a content strategy that focused on a key message for the brand: WIN AS ONE, no one wins alone but it is the team that guides you to success.


Implementation -

After an observation of the social habits of the public, we focused on telling 3 stories related to as many famous talent crews loved by the Gen Z audience. Each crew was chosen based on the interests of the public: football, pop music and street art . We created a content strategy for EA digital channels for a total of 3 months. Each crew told their own story, the fraternal relationship between the members and their collaborative spirit in creating each project and each new adventure together. 



The campaign helped EA achieve their goals and conveyed the "WIN AS ONE" message in a relatable and personably way to the Gen Z public.


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