When fantasy becomes a reality

When fantasy becomes a reality

The Walt Disney Company have teamed up with AirBnB to bring the Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood Treehouse to life! Calling it the ‘BearBnb’, the very artist who has been behind the animation for over 30 years has made sure every element of the treehouse was exactly like the original design. Guests will be taken on a guided tour through the original Hundred Acre Wood, play Poohsticks on the iconic Poohsticks Bridge and enjoy locally sourced honey-inspired meals. Available to stay only on 24th and 25th September 2021 the experience is definitely an exclusive one. Despite most of us sadly missing out on a magical stay, what we can all take away from this is the importance of experiences, real life events and getting people back into the world, engaging with brands in new and interesting ways. How can potentially stagnant brands become reinvigorated? How can you target current but also lapsed (e.g. parents who grew up with the brand) audiences? This is a great example of keeping the magic alive in a modern, authentic and exciting way!




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