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What are fidget Pop-it toys and why are they so popular?

A Pop-it toy is a fidget toy where users continually pop bubbles in and out with a satisfying click - it’s a silicone (and slightly more sophisticated) version of bubble wrap! From different sizes, shapes colours and price points - there’s really a Pop it toy for everyone!

Getting ready for the Metaverse

Like beauty, the Metaverse is in the eye of the beholder. Different people have different interpretations of what the metaverse is and what are the bits that are most exciting.

Launch for the new year: We are Family takes off as an agency for young target groups and families

The new year brings many changes. After the founding of the global network "We are Family" last year, the Full Moon Group has now been repositioned and, among other things, the agency We are Family has been founded out of Full Moon Kids & Teens. Rebecca Duden, Managing Director of We are Family, explains in an interview the background of the launch, describes the offer and the target group specialisation and explains what clients can expect in a future cooperation.