Play deprivation during the pandemic and Marvel's sweet new global marketing campaign

The pandemic has deprived kids of play and the impact could be catastrophic 

We know that play is a fundamental part of children’s development – it’s how the learn about the world, themselves and interact with people and it is fundamental for the first 10 years of someone’s life. The pandemic has had a serious impact on the ability for children to be able to play and social interaction and being amongst other people is restricted. It’s not good enough for children to simply just be outdoors if they aren’t getting to experience it with other people and play around with the things they come into contact with. Playgrounds are closed and children are told to stay away from each other in parks and at nursery/school – a child’s worst nightmare and something they’ve never had to go through before. Physiatrist Stuart Brown says that severe play deprivation in the first 10 years of life is linked to major emotional dysregulation. Play opportunities must be prioritised in the future so that children can even half make up what they’ve lost over this period.

Marvel’s most iconic Captain America shield has landed in major cities all over the world

To celebrate the launch of the new 6-part series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, key cities all over the world have projected Captain Marvel’s shield on key landmarks. In London, the iconic London eye is lit up red, white and blue with a projection mapping Captain America’s shield onto the eye. Elsewhere, the shield is projected onto Asia’s Singapore Flyer, Australia’s Melbourne Star observation wheel and in Italy, the LunEur Flywheel. This is a really nice way of making all the countries involved feel connected through experience when both travelling and events are, quite frankly, non existent at the moment.


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