Microsoft launches Edge kids mode and Hasbro partners with Roblox

Microsoft launches Edge Kids Mode

Microsoft debuted a new kids mode for its Edge web browser, the first kid-friendly version of any major web browser. This is Microsoft's next step in the ongoing development of a kid safe internet. The function should prevent kids 12 and under from finding content which their parents would perceive as harmful / damaging. There are two modes, one for kids 5-8 and one for kids 9-12 years old. The only difference is slightly more sophistication in aesthetic design, and the older cohort will receive more links to age-appropriate news websites. If a child tries to leave kids mode, they will have to enter a password set up by the parent. One of the key issues Microsoft faces is their low penetration into the browser industry: Chrome dominates with 64% of global market share, while Microsoft sits at 3.45%. Could this new, kid-friendly offering be the catalyst for parents and families particularly to convert to an Edge browser? 



Hasbro X Roblox

Roblox reshaped the gaming world by blurring the lines between gamer and creator. A platform for 8+ years old, puts kids' creativity at the fore, allowing them to develop their ideal games. The reputable toy manufacturer Hasbro, has recently announced that they will be working with Roblox bringing out a new Monopoly game in 2022 with artwork, themes and gaming elements inspired by Roblox fan-favourites such as Meep city, and Legends of speed. They are also bringing out a NERF game where each item sold will include a code for consumers to use on Roblox for a virtual blaster. Not only is this partnership adding to Roblox’s consumer product offering which increases the platform's credibility, it is also highlighting the value of consumer generated content. 



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