Getting ready for the Metaverse

Getting ready for the Metaverse

The metaverse is a very hot topic at that moment with Facebook and Microsoft each making announcements that basically translate into them looking at the metaverse as the future of the internet.  While both have been wrong in the past about what the future looks like, it is definitely worth taking notice and not dismissing offhand as “just another fad”

Like beauty, the Metaverse is in the eye of the beholder.  Different people have different interpretations of what the metaverse is and what are the bits that are most exciting. 

An immersive VR world

For some, it is about the simplification and maximisation of real-life through a VR experience.  Put on a headset, explore and socialise in an immersive world, in many respects mirroring reality but without any of the logistical drawbacks.  You can go to meetings, watch concerts, go shopping, even visit the doctor all from the comfort of your living room.  This is the world shown in films such as Ready Player One

Augmenting the real world

For others, it is more about augmenting reality, where the metaverse is a digital layer that sits on top of reality.  You can go to meetings in your actual office but a pair of glasses or the screen in your hand adds additional information.  Contextual computing is constantly reviewing what is happening and providing you with relevant and additional information that makes “reality” easier to process or more rich with data.

Interoperable infrastructure and ecosystem

Finally, some are more interested in the ecosystems that sits under it all.  Where NFTs make digital assets ownable and therefore you can take all your status, identity, and hard-earnt capital and move from ‘metaverse’ to ‘metaverse’ and not have to start from zero in each one.  For example, imagine being able to take all the assets you have created in Minecraft, sell them, and acquire a similar set of assets in Fortnite, in the same way you might own a house in one town, sell it and move to a similar house in another town.

Typically, people’s vision of what this new ‘metaverse’ digital world looks like is a mixture of all of these but the constant is that these are omnipresent worlds that are always going whether you are in them or not. 

The webinar that we will be hosting on the 25th of November, (register at the link below) will be exploring these different interpretations.  Making sure we are basing it on what is happening now, our speakers are all people who are doing things in the metaverse today, going past the theoretical and hypothetical and building and delivering stuff now.

This webinar is perfect if you are curious about what this world will look like or want to know what you should / could be doing today to make your brand, product, or service more metaverse ready.

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