Gaming gets a little more complex and TikTok's got a new AR feature

The world of gaming just got a little more confusing...

Vine’s Co-founder has just announced he is creating a fantasy games console (yes, an intangible console!), that will use NFT technology to run games. It’s called ‘Supdrive’ and essentially the games available to play will be NFTs. This means there will be a limited number of copies of each game and each copy of a Supdrive game will be unique, with different colour palettes and difficulty levels for example. At first the games will be primarily arcade focused, similar to Pacman, but will become more sophisticated. While closely associated with art, NFTs are slowly becoming more mainstream. 

We are still on the fence with NFTs, while the allure of unique and ‘non fungible’ assets are a primary desire that is timeless, so is the desire to be able to touch, hold and put them on your shelf.  Also, most games are customisable to some degree, we don’t really ever hear people say “I like Pac Man but I wish I had a version no-one else had”... one to keep a sceptical eye on we think.



TikTok’s new AR feature might reignite the platform

TikTok has a new creative tool called ‘TikTok Effect Studio’ currently in beta testing which will allow developers to build AR effects on the platform’s short form content, to be used directly in the app. This AR addition would continue to build TikTok as a key competitor to other social sites who already offer similar features, such as Facebook and Snapchat. This is an important reminder that constant innovation is key to adding value to your company and staying relevant in a competitive market and remaining top of mind for your consumers.



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