Continuing the conversation of gender neutrality and podcasts aimed for kids

Continuing the conversation of gender neutrality in kids toys…

A new bill in California aims to tackle gender neutrality in toy marketing by mixing both ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ toys in the same aisles/shelves in department stores. Indiana university professor, Judith Blakemore, states that the way toys are marketed can have a serious impact on how girls and boys view themselves in the future. She says there is also evidence to suggest that for kids to develop more fully academically, musically, artistically and socially, parents should opt for gender-neutral toys. The bill in California is in its initial stages, if passed, will be in effect from 2023. It is in addition to the many efforts in recent years for kids to feel wholly included in the toys they are playing with.


Disney channel launches its first podcast for kids

Podcasts have been growing in popularity in recent years, particularly for the adult market. They offer insight and escapism, whilst also being able to live in the moment without having your eyes fixated to the screen. Screen time is a huge concern for many parents and media companies who target kids, exacerbated by covid where screens are used for study and leisure, and so the audio market has never been so appealing. At the end of this month Disney channel launches its first original scripted podcast, This Duckburg Life, inspired by Disney XD’s Ducktales. Sesame workshop, Marvel and Hasbro are all set to follow suit to keep up with the demand. Sometimes, as adults, it’s worth looking at our own lives, what makes us happy and us tick, as the chances are these things will ignite the same feelings in our kids. Looking forward to seeing how well the podcast does!

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