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We Are Family is an international insights, creative and marketing agency group.


We help our clients at all stages of their marketing journey, from initial product development and consumer research all the way to locally executing their marketing and retail campaigns.


We are your experts in the children, youth and family space.


We have offices in the UK, Germany and Spain. We also have network partners in a further 15 territories, from Munich and Madrid to Milan and Melbourne we have the the whole world covered. In each country we have the most experienced marketing agency partner able to deliver on the ground insights and activations.

Target group experts

Our entire team are exclusively focused on the lives of children, youth and families around the world.


Many of the team have been working in the family space for over 20 years. Our research and insights team are some of the most experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers with the family audience. We speak to hundreds of children and families around the world each year, ensureing we are on top of all the latest trends.


Everything we do and recommend is driven by the data, insights and experience we have.

Multi-channel communication

We are a full-service agency group. We use the right tool for the job whether it is above the line or below the line, online or offline.


We select the channels that are most relevant to the target group for your campaign, because primary school pupils move in different digital and physical places than teenagers or students. Together with you, we develop customised campaigns that achieve the greatest possible impact across all channels online and offline. Whether TikTok or YouTube channel, live event or POS campaign, educational communication or young employer branding, PR strategy or brand marketing - we are the multi-channel experts with international experience and offer all services through a single point of contact.

Trusted partners

We are viewed by many clients as their long-term strategic teammate and as both strategy and delivery partners we need to talk-the-talk as well as walk-the-walk. We don't sit in ivory towers removed from the reality of actual implementation and suggest ideas that "might" work. Our campaigns are all filtered through the cold reality of our 20 years+ experience in the children, youth and family space.


We won’t make any recommendations that we know won’t work in reality.

Global network

Our network is formed of the best-in-class agency in each territory. Every member has extensive experience in the family market, and many have been implementing successful and award-winning campaigns for over 25 years.


By having an expert in every territory, we know exactly what will work and what will not. We can take broad global strategies, tailor them for the local market and deliver them with unrivalled local knowledge and experience.

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Maurice Wheeler
Managing Director UK

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Maja Milinkovic
Manager We are Family Global

Are you looking for global experts in children, young people and family marketing?

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